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Chrome Comes to Android

MG Siegler:

Say I have 5 tabs open in Chrome on my iMac and I get up to leave my home. I can see all 5 in Chrome for Android. And if I have 3 other tabs open on my MacBook Air, I can see those as well, all labeled and separated.

This feature is killer. Apple, please steal it.

While many of the UI elements of Chrome for Android are fantastic (and smooth!), unfortunately, browsing still leaves a bit to be desired. Pages load fast (roughly as fast as Safari on iOS 5 — some faster, some slower), but zooming in and out of web pages is still stuttery. When pinching to zoom out, this is particularly noticeable.

Likewise, scrolling down longer pages often leads to little stutters here and there. None of that is a deal-breaker by any means, but it’s still not iOS-smooth.

When will the day arrive that smoothness becomes Google’s priority? I think it’s way over due. We’ve been reading reviews that knock Android’s scrolling since 2008. In fact, finding a review of an Android device that doesn’t complain about jittery scrolling behavior is a feat and — I’m guessing — an omission.

First of all, yes, Chrome for Android is here. Second, it’s only compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich which is currently on — wait for it — 1% of Android devices.

To be fair, Google Chrome has always been a winner, and the Android port sounds like a winner, too.

But: 100% of iPhones run Safari.