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Further Criticism of Samsung’s Super Bowl Ad

Trevor Gilbert:

Anything from the Galaxy Nexus to the Galaxy Tab would have been appropriate, as they all compete directly against Apple’s offerings. Instead, Samsung chose the Galaxy Note, a product that even Samsung doesn’t even fully understand.

Sums it up nicely. To me, the ad feels like it was contrived as a joke by an Apple fan mocking Samsung. “Big” and “thing” seem like pretty accurate descriptors of the Note.

…Samsung continues to throw punch after punch against Apple customers, with Apple refusing to respond. At some point it stops being creative, and starts being insulting. That point was roughly three commercials ago.

I really don’t get is why Samsung is trying to switch iPhone users. I don’t foresee much success in that; iPhone users seem pretty content. Samsung’s efforts and advertising capital would be much better spent targeting the enormous and ripe market of first-time smartphone buyers.