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The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

MG Siegler:

And yet, Microsoft rarely bashes Apple publicly anymore. In fact, they often take their side on arguments or come to their defense on issues. Again, these were once bitter rivals. And these times should be the battleground for their bloodiest battles yet. Instead, it’s all holding hands, s’mores, and Kumbaya.

Why? Because Microsoft has an enemy they hate much worse than Apple. And Apple has the same enemy. Google.

I saw the same transition between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates over the past few years. They were friends again when Microsoft infused $150 million into Apple, then they became bitter rivals once more, and then their friendship blossomed for a third time.

Microsoft should probably be going all-in to combat the rise of iOS, but instead they seem far more concerned with spending obscene amounts of money to bolster Bing as a Google competitor. And they seem to truly enjoy undermining Android by way of licensing agreements with key OEM partners.

Is MG upset that Microsoft isn’t declaring war on Apple? Microsoft can’t win against Apple. But they can sure beat Google.

Maybe this all just means that Google is doing something right.

Uh, nope.

All of this makes for a fascinating situation in the tech world. On one side there’s Google. On the other side there’s basically everyone else, with new members seemingly joining on a daily basis. And this side is filled with rivals that under any other circumstance would hate each other. But here they’re allied. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Google vs. Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. Good luck with that.