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Defomicron 1.5

As my regular readers1 will have noticed, Defomicron has been going through some changes recently. The first thing you’ll notice is the change I’m probably most excited about: web fonts. The body font has been replaced by “PT Sans”, a typeface originally designed for Cyrillic text that nevertheless does a beautiful job displaying English. Header text has been replaced by the slab-serif “Kreon”, a typeface with just the right amount of fun in it. Finally, I have web-font-ized the “Futura” in the title, and now it’ll appear consistent on all systems. I think these fonts make Defomicron even more beautiful then it already was. I hope you like them, too.

The second change you’ll notice is the introduction of quotation posts. Quotation posts are meant to emphasize short, interesting or witty quotes and as such appear in large type to draw your interest to them. This format has been done many times before, but I’ll give credit for my inspiration to The Brooks Review’s “Quote of the Day” posts. In addition to appearing on the main page and in the RSS feed, quotation posts have been given a special section in the archive, alongside “Editor’s Picks”.

There are also many smaller updates, including the removal link posts from the archive. The archive page is now much more manageable with fewer and more important items listed. Additionally, the exact time and date of each post (links, articles, and quotations) is now located on the permalink. Finally, many server side, admin features have been introduced that make my job a heck of a lot easier.

I hope you enjoy Defomicron 1.5 as much as I enjoyed coding it.

—Your Host

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