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Grasping at Straws

Did Republicans ever call the healthcare reform bill a tax before Chief Justice Roberts used it as reasoning for its consitutionality? Because this week it seems like their new favorite word. Tax, tax, tax, is all you’ll hear on “Fox and Friends”.

It makes no difference if the healthcare bill is a tax or not. It’s mandatory healthcare, and if you choose not to comply with the law, you get fined. That’s not a tax increase. Calling it a tax increase would be like calling a parking ticket a tax increase. Those who can’t pay for health insurance won’t have to, but those who can and choose not to, those that impose a burden upon our society, are going to have to pay.

It’s odd to me that Republicans don’t seem to have a problem with car insurance, despite it having almost an identical policy. In order to drive in America, Americans must pay to insure their car. If they don’t, they aren’t allowed to drive. Hmm.

Republicans are grasping at straws and ignoring the facts. They’re scrambling for every negatively-connotated buzzword they can and vomiting it up on Fox News. They’ve done this forever. It’s completely moronic. Fox’s slogan says they’re “Fair and Balanced” and yet their hosts openly trash President Obama, calling him a socialist, a communist, and a Marxist. Newflash: he’s none of the three.

The facts are thus: socialized healthcare (which, by the way, is not what “Obamacare” is, despite what they’ll have you believe) would be good for America. Every other industrialized nation on Earth has it, and a lot of them are doing a hell of a lot better than us. Are Americans really so stubborn as to believe that whatever we’ve done in the past is the absolute best way forward? Are we so stubborn that we’re going to stick with a ruined system until we plummet into the ground?

In 2008, Americans recognized that the current system wasn’t working and voted on the ideals of “Hope” and “Change”. But then the conservative scared them with that dirty little word: socialism. Ever since, they’ve voted against hope and change, and then been pissed off when neither happen. Here’s a news ticker for you: when you change your mind halfway through a Presidency and vote in an opposing Congress, absolutely nothing will get done.

But Republicans don’t care about those facts. Actually, they don’t care about facts, period. They call Obama the “worst President ever” and ignore the fact that our economy — the economy that was plunged into recession during the reign of our last, and very convervative, President — has steadily improved since January 2009. They ignore the fact that the reason we aren’t out of the Middle East yet is because President Bush sent us there in the first place… on a wild goose chase, to boot.

Republicans are more interested in taking stabs at the liberals then they are in making America better. I’m not calling Obama our savior, I’m not even saying he’s a great President. But he is not the worst President we’ve ever had.

Grow up, conservatives. Grow up, constituents. Stop drinking the Fox News koolaid and listen.