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Signs Suggest Simpler Sharing in iOS 6

Lex Friedman, for MacWorld:

As we’ve reported, iOS 6 employs a new screen when you tap to share content. Where iOS 5 presents a long list of tappable buttons for sharing, say, a photo (Tweet, iMessage, Email, and so on), iOS 6 instead presents a grid of icons. And for some services—like Twitter, Mail, iMessage, and Facebook—iOS 6 uses the icon from the directly related app in question.

That sheet of sharing actions—which some just might call an Action Sheet—looks awfully simple to expand. But why would you want to?

While this would be awesome, the fact is that if it were going to be a feature, developers would already know about it and would already have told is. This isn’t the kind of thing that Apple would reveal right before launch.

But the new Action Sheet UI (which, by the way, is expandable definitely looks like its mean to support third parties, in the same way that it is now clear that all along the iPhone was meant for third party apps. Don’t rule it out for iOS 7.