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MG Siegler:

And once they have them, just as it was in 2007, Apple will undoubtedly unveil some sort of beautiful hardware. Maybe it will be an actual television, or maybe at first it will just be a new set-top box. It doesn’t matter. People will lust after it because people tend to lust after diamonds rather than pieces of shit — which is exactly what the vast majority of cable boxes currently are. And they’ll iterate and iterate and push apps and other services. They’ll slowly steal the customers from the cable companies. The cable companies will realize this and threaten to back away. Maybe some of them turn to the open arms of Google TV and/or their Motorola division. A couple others go with Microsoft. We’ve seen this story before.

Really well written piece by Siegler. He seems pretty confident that Apple will make a DVR set top box for cable television. I hope he’s right.