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Greg Knauss:

Everybody did everything right. There’s nobody to blame here except maybe the damned bug. And that single random act — save for some lucky timing and California’s silly determination to look after its citizens — would have blown a hole in the side of our savings that would have taken years to fix. OK, kids, which of you wants to skip college?

A bug bite racked up a hospital bill of $23,800. Conservatives, determined to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, want him to pay that in full. And then how does he pay for his kid’s college? There goes their right to pursue happiness.

Marco Arment, in response:

Like racial, gender, and sexual-orientation discrimination, the direction we’re going over time is obvious, although we’re moving too slowly for many people (or too quickly, if you’re on the “conservative” side of these issues).

In the end, the liberals always win.