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Becoming a New American Airlines

Mark Kingsley, writing for Brand New on American’s rebranding:

The result is astounding — see the Becoming a New American launch site. The mark, known internally as the Flight Symbol, deftly manages to honor American’s design history and, at the same time, convey a stark, confident modernity which stands among the best symbols anywhere. It does much with very little, in a straightforward way which feels so American. That is… American in the way we like to think America can be.

He seems to really like it. Actually, everyone does. But I don’t get it. The new logo is awkwardly skewed to the left, and looks horrible on its own. The new livery is horrible, with a terrible rendition of the stars-and-stripes done up on the tail. Dustin Curtis summed it up better than anyone:

After forty-six years, one of the finest corporate brands in history has been reduced to patriotic lipstick.