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Annoyance-Driven Development

John Siracusa doesn’t like that Netflix’s original series, House of Cards, plays ninety seconds of credits before every episode:

Every time I fast-forward through those 90-second opening credits (made more difficult by the occasional variable-length pre-credits scene), I get the opposite feeling about Netflix. It’s an unhappy reminder of the old world of TV.

I agree. Even if Netflix is somehow contractually obligated to show these credits, they should have found a way around it. Apple didn’t settle for AT&T logos on iPhone, and Netflix shouldn’t settle for tedious opening credits.

Find out what’s annoying the people you want to sell to. Question the assumptions of your business. Give people what they want and they will beat a path to your door.

Surprisingly, John doesn’t mention it, but this is what Apple is so very good at doing. And usually the customer doesn’t even need to ask.