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eWorld: Apple’s Dream of the 90’s

Linus Edwards wrote a nice summary of Apple’s eWorld:

The strangest thing about internet services in the 90’s was you paid by the amount of time you spent online. There were no unlimited services, it was all based on an hourly rate. eWorld cost $8.95 a month, which seems like a fair price, until you realize that what you got for that was only two free night-time or weekend hours. Yes, you read that correctly, your monthly fee only included two hours a month, and not even any hours during the weekday. If you wanted to use it more than two hours a month you had to pay $4.95 per hour for night or weekend hours, and $7.95 an hour for weekday hours.

Suddenly $100/month for an iPhone plan doesn’t seem so bad. Estimating conservatively puts me at $683.95/month.