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Four Years With an iPhone 3G

Robert Falck has been using an iPhone 3G for four years:

The world has since long moved on to newer devices with far more capacity and capabilities than my lowly little black iPhone can muster. Yet, I still use mine and haven’t really found many reasons to upgrade.

That sounds incredible, really.

I don’t want to be pulled down into a cesspool of unnecessary consumerism and get a new device every year, just because I can.

I see. I hope you don’t eat sweets, either.

Robert then lists all of the reasons he doesn’t need to upgrade:

I really don’t understand the complaints about the plastic body back of the iPhone 3G … I think it’s one of the by far best designs I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing so far. The aesthetics of the newer iPhone models might be nicer in comparison, but … it’s hard to beat the older, smoothly rounded design of the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

…I love to write on the iPhone 3G because it forces me to write slower … This forced limitation greatly annoys me when I really need to get an idea, a paragraph, or other fragment of text out of my head fast.

…Apps have with time become a bit of a problem, simply because almost nobody makes them for the old iPhone 3G anymore.

…Video viewing is amazingly pleasant with both YouTube and streaming my movie collection via AirVideo, although I’m sure some people would be “disgusted” by the low resolution screen. For me, it’s perfectly fine and the experience lets me focus on what I’m watching, not arbitrary specifications.

…Still, I firmly believe the best camera is the one that is with you, and this camera has indeed been with me. I know the weaknesses and strengths of the camera and I just do my best to work with them.

…On its back are uncountable scratches and scuff marks, the home button is slowly starting to get less responsive, and the front glass is a fingerprint magnet.

Usually these “the new iPhone isn’t that great” posts come from Android users.