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The iPhone 5

Word on the street is I’m a little late with this review. Sorry about that. To answer the most pressing question: yes, the iPhone 5 is not only the best iPhone ever made, it is the best phone ever made. Period.

Last year I got my first iPhone, a 4S, and this week I upgraded that device to a 5. While I loved my 4S (still do), I am amazed by how much better the 5 is. Apple took the previous best phone ever and made every part better.

The aluminum body is stronger, lighter, and feels better in the hand. The Apple logo and legal copy on the rear of the phone are now much more subtle and beautiful. The buttons and ringer/silent switch all feel excellent. The earpiece (now with noise cancellation) sounds fantastic. The phone is exceptionally thin.

The iPhone 5 Leans on a Coke

The new display is beautiful and obviously better once used. I had doubts, before I used one, about the height being awkward, but it isn’t. There’s no going back1. Speaking of no going back, LTE is wonderful. With few bars on AT&T, I consistently get 5 Mbps down and with full bars, I’ve seen as high as 63 Mbps.

And battery life is actually improved over the 4S. When I go to bed at night, the 5 has about 30% of its juice left. That’s with 6 hours of usage, which a week ago would have killed my 4S. I don’t know how Apple added so much, made the phone smaller, and got battery life. But I’m glad they did.

OK, praise over: I have two caveats. First, while the taller is screen is awesome, I wish the physical height of the device had remained the same. Conceptually, you could fit a 4-inch screen on a phone the size of a 4/4S. Now, I am sure Apple wouldn’t have been able to make all of that fit, but I’d love to see the next form factor return to the physical height of the 4/4S.

Number two: the headphone port. It’s been relocated to the bottom in a seemingly arbitrary move. I assume this had to do with fitting everything in the device, and it isn’t a major annoyance but: prior to the 5, I never once even thought about the location of the headphone port. Now, though, I think about it every time a 3.5mm jack gets in the way of my typing.

The iPhone 5 is a huge upgrade over the 4S. I recommend to any one that can justify it to upgrade (if you haven’t already).

  1. Apple added exactly the number of pixels necessary to add exactly one row of app icons to the home screen, turning the aspect ratio to exactly 16:9. That worked out so perfectly that I’m inclined to believe this was planned from the beginning. ↩︎