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Metamicron Part III: Everything Else


Defomicron has a new RSS feed. Last year I struggled with getting the feed to update quickly with Google Reader. I thought I had found a solution when I switched to FeedBurner, but then Google announced that service had run its course. I switched away from it, the feed went down, and I never bothered to fix it. Yeah… sorry about that.

I’m sort of thankful all of that happened, actually, because it forced me to buckle down and really figure out this RSS thing. Most importantly: the feed works now. Please resubscribe in your favorite feed reader with the following URL:

To those familiar with things, yes, that is the default WordPress RSS 2.0 feed. It validates as such. However, I am also running a few clever functions to modify the feed to my needs.

First, I am modifying the RSS link of Link posts to point to the link in question, just as it works on the site and just as most popular blogs in this sphere handle their RSS feeds. Second, I appended a permalink in the form of the familiar hash to the end of every single entry. And finally, I added Vias where Vias are due. In the end, you get exactly the same content whether you read Defomicron in an RSS reader or on the website. That’s how I wanted it.

URL’s and Redirects

As a part of the future-proofing, I went ahead and bought It simply redirects to the .net1, because that is of course the preferred URL.


I used to cache the site using WordPress plugins, but no more. For one thing, they are irritating to use. For another, I figure if I ever get enough traffic to this site to bog down my server, I’ll have some source of revenue coming in to afford an upgraded server. Most importantly, though, is that most caching plugins just don’t work with HTTPS.

Image Posting

Finally, a new feature: image posts. I played around last year with posting images to the site inline with text, but I was never happy with it. With the redesign, I have implemented Cabel Sasser’s wonderful (if a bit dated) FancyZoom. It uses JavaScript2 and is incredibly fast. It is not, however, Retina-ready or necessarily “optimized” for mobile. But it works, and for my very occasional image-serving needs, that’ll do. You can see it in action in this post from a few weeks back.

Wrap Up

That’s the new Defomicron. I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed the construction of it. More importantly, I love it.

—Your Host

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  1. I also own and redirect, the domain for the fictional website from J. K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy, the review for which is forthcoming. ↩︎

  2. If you found a browser that doesn’t support JavaScript, don’t read my website. ↩︎