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Nate Silver Picks the Super Bowl

Nate Silver for The New York Times:

The reasons that exceptional defenses fare so much better in the Super Bowl are still somewhat murky, but this factor bodes well for this year’s 49ers, whose defense belongs in the elite group, according to S.R.S. (it ranks 17th among Super Bowl teams). The Ravens, despite all the hype surrounding Ray Lewis, allowed a rather pedestrian 21.5 points per game this year. The 49ers also have the better offense, according to S.R.S., so there isn’t much to recommend the Ravens…

For context, this is the guy who predicted the 2012 Presidential Election accurately for all fifty states. Then again, he used both his own name and an exclamation point in the title of this piece.

UPDATE: Looks like his self-referentialism and bang-tendencies got the better of him.