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Steve’s Final Projects

Patrick Rhone:

We also know that Steve Jobs took a very active role in all new new product ideas, improvements, and development when he was alive. Given the above pipeline information, one can therefore guess that he had at least some active role in the products we have seen released from Apple in the past year and a half since his passing. The iPhone 5, the iPad mini, and all of the rest likely had some input by Steve himself. We can also make a reasonable guess that the same is true for the products released over the next year or so. Perhaps to a lesser degree, due to the timelines involved, but some touch of Steve all the same.

Therefore, one can also reasonably assume that the products we will begin to see coming from Apple after about this time next year or so will have had less of Steve’s involvement, if not none at all.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. The products that come out this year and next will be the one’s Steve had little-to-no involvement with. That’s both scary and exciting.

But mostly scary.