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The Benefits of Living Within the Apple Ecosystem

For the past week, I’ve been using (and loving) my new Magic Trackpad. This evening, I completed my peripheral upgrade by adding an Apple Wireless Keyboard and, for good measure, Battery Charger. Since September, I’ve been using my Mac mini with a Microsoft bluetooth keyboard1 and a no-name bluetooth mouse. Other than not being able to take advantage of Mountain Lion’s multi-touch functionality, I didn’t think there were any issues with the setup.

About a week ago, however, I decided to reward myself with a Magic Trackpad, so that I could finally take advantage of gestures. My desktop experience has been revolutionized. Scrolling is fantastic. Backpedaling through Safari is fantastic. Switching between screens is fantastic. Gestures, however, is not why my experience has been revolutionized.

Since September, every time I left the desk for more than five minutes, my keyboard and mouse would go to sleep. Upon return, I’d furiously click at them for fifteen seconds, waiting for them to reestablish a bluetooth connection. It was a small thing, but looking back it was incredibly frustrating. None the wiser, however, I dealt with it thinking all bluetooth accessories worked this way.

Back to the Trackpad. Turns out, despite it sleeping like any other bluetooth device out-of-use, the Magic Trackpad never actually loses the connection. It works instantly, every time, no matter how long I leave it idle. It was this factor that led me to purchase the keyboard so quickly after. Truth be told, I don’t know if I had cheap bluetooth devices before or if this is truly a benefit of Apple’s gear. What I do know, however, is that the Magic Trackpad of last week and the Wireless Keyboard of tonight work perfectly, every time, whenever I need them.

(A small note on the Battery Charger: it’s a small, insignificant thing you wouldn’t expect Apple to make and sell. And yet, I can immediately tell that the quality of its build far usurps any other charger on the market. Most importantly, it isn’t even costly. Apple’s Battery Charger is priced equally among its peers2. It makes me wish Apple made more random-and-small consumer gadgets.)

  1. A gift, I swear. ↩︎

  2. Chiefly the Sanyo Eneloop, which the Apple battery is a licensed clone of, and which is regarded in the industry as the best. ↩︎