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Three Wishes for a Better App Store

Marco Tabini, for Macworld, suggests changes for the App Store going forward:

On my third-generation iPad, for example, the App Store app is painfully slow; it takes several seconds from the moment I tap its icon to the moment I can start doing anything, and the app sometimes freezes while I wait for a particular screen to render. Admittedly, things are a bit faster on my iPhone 5, but this is hardly the kind of experience that I have come to expect from an operating system that places so much emphasis on responsiveness and focus.

While he has three (all good) suggestions, I’ve chosen to highlight the above because I think it is the most troubling. The App Stores are not native apps. They are rendered in web views. Even Facebook, the company famous for denouncing native applications in favor of HTML5, went native last year. While the iOS 6 App Stores look nice, going forward they need to be rebuilt as native applications.