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Kyle Baxter, in response to Ken Segall’s idiotic piece that claims Samsung is beating Apple in advertising:

The ads aren’t bad—but they aren’t at all compelling, either. They’re just there, easy to ignore. Perhaps their intention is simply to remind people about the iPad. I don’t know.

I, for one, think the new iPad ads are great. But hold on.

The original iPad Mini ad was particularly excellent, but didn’t deviate at all from the show-the-product style Apple’s used extensively since releasing the iPhone in 2007.

So Apple’s ads are still great, but because they aren’t particularly different, Apple is failing?

[Segall] seems to think that Apple needs to respond in some way, which I’m not sure of. I don’t think Apple can win at that game, because responding—no matter how oblique—will be read as Apple being afraid of the underdog.

Apple is losing at advertising but they don’t need to fix it. Are we bored of Apple succeeding?