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Apple’s ‘Terrible’ Copywriting

Yousseff Sarhan:

Next up is some award that looks like a Jukebox that no one outside of the US has ever heard of before. It’s great that people think Apple has a nice product, but I really don’t care what these guys think of it.

Nope, never heard of that “J.D. Power and Associates” award before.

He goes on to take apart their copy itself:


Great battery life. Without a great big battery.

This one is simple. They are use the same word to describe a good thing and a bad thing. Great. It’s not smart, it’s not witty, it’s bad, it’s muddled. It doesn’t leave the right impression. Be clear. That’s all you have to do, ever.

This coming from the guy whose byline includes “black and white and read all over”.