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Henry Blodget Just Figured Out How to Lock an iPhone, and He’d Love to Tell You All About It

Henry Blodget, dumbass:

If you’re like me, you had no idea you could easily turn your phone’s screen off. But you can! All you have to do is quickly click the button on the top of your phone that (if held down for a couple of seconds) turns your phone on and off. If you click it quickly, you’re screen will turn off! Then just click it quickly again to turn the screen back on. Importantly, this does NOT turn your whole phone off. Just the screen. I was astounded when I discovered this trick. So simple and handy.

You might think he bought his iPhone four minutes ago, but:

If you’re like me, you spent your first four years of iPhone ownership…


I refuse to link to this page, firstly because its the worst idiotic dumb assert I’ve ever read and because I had to type that out because Business Insider disabled highlighting and copying text. Thinking on it, that was probably smart of them.