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Material Honesty on the Web

Kevin Goldman:

The palette of emotional design for flatlanders is instead temporal. Temporal beauty lives in state-change animations, nuanced timing effects, strategically placed user feedback, and other “interesting moments,” not drop shadows and Photoshop layer effects. Flatlanders build all kinds of emotion and depth combining these moments with delightful microcopy, personality, and typography. All honest—all web—all good.

With the redesigned Defomicron I launched early this year, I focused on the reading experience. I tried my very hardest to focus on good, clean typography and cutting out the unnecessary. I’m proud of what I’ve done so far, and it keeps getting better. Granted, my focus might change if this site ever brought in revenue, but right now I want Defomicron to be accessible in as many mediums as well as can be done.

That’s why Defomicron has an RSS feed, a Twitter feed, and an feed. Today, I’m happy to announce I’ve added a Tumblr feed to the mix. For those of you that swing that way, you can head over there and follow along with all the latest and greatest.