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Americans Won’t Return to the Moon this Lifetime

Charles Bolden for Examiner:

While [NASA Administrator Charles Bolden] suggested that NASA might be willing to be a junior partner in another country’s return to the moon program, he rejected the idea that NASA would be the lead in such an effort. There would be no return to the moon program in his lifetime, Bolden stated.

At first, that sounds sad. But:

…if the next administration were to change course back to the moon, “—it means we are probably, in our lifetime, in the lifetime of everybody sitting in this room, we are probably never again going to see Americans on the Moon, on Mars, near an asteroid, or anywhere. We cannot continue to change the course of human exploration.”

Exactly. We have to pick a course and stick with it. NASA’s had far to many course changes, and all that results in is stagnation. We went to the Moon, and it was a massive success. Let’s look forward, not back.