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Civil Footnotes 1.2

The second update we all thought would never come is here. Civil Footnotes 2.1 is out, with support for the start attribute for the ordered list. Add <!--startnum=#--> replacing ‘#’ with a digit and your footnotes will start with that number. Careful observers will note this is exactly the same as WP-Footnotes. Hm.

This is handy for paginated posts, which I would never do but apparently at least one user of this plugin does, so there you go. This update is non-essential if you never plan on using this feature, though WordPress will probably get so annoying with its update notifications that you’ll give in anyway.

You can grab the update right here or on the project page. Or WordPress will ask you for me.

—Your Host

(For those of you wondering about the lack of updates on here, it’s for two reasons: one, not much is happening in our industry right now and two, I’ve got a lot of school stuff going on lately and for a couple weeks more. High school’s almost over but, alas, not over yet. Don’t worry, I have a sizable Instapaper queue and more great content is coming.)