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Fixing the iTunes Dashboard Widget

The iTunes Dashboard Widget, packaged with OS X from Tiger to Snow Leopard, is a personal favorite of mine. You can imagine, then, that I was pretty upset when it broke in a tiny-but-annoying manner with iTunes 11.0.3, resulting in the time counter blowing way off the edge of the widget.

Naturally, I set about fixing it. It was really easy, and I’d like to share the fix with you. If you’re technically minded, read on to see exactly how I fixed it and how you can, too. If you aren’t (or you’re just lazy), you can download the fixed widget here.

  1. Locate the widget in your Library/Widgets directory.
  2. Secondary click the widget to reveal package contents.
  3. Open iTunes.js and scroll to line 184.
  4. Change
    secs = currentPosition % 60;


    secs = Math.round(currentPosition % 60);
  5. Save and run killall Dock in the Terminal, and you’re all set!