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Will the Last Person to Leave Please Turn Out the Lights

This morning I sat the AP Macroeconomics exam. A hundred and thirty minutes of bubbling, graphing, and writing. Then I went home. High school’s over for me now. Sure, there’s still graduation and such. But it’s over. Really really over.

Looking back, I’ve come a long way. Literally, I started school in Tennessee and continued through Colorado, Massachussetts, Georgia, and sunny Florida. Figuratively… well, I guess I’d say I’m more pretentious and opinionated than ever. Growth!

To be fair, school isn’t entirely over. There’s college. This fall I’m moving to Manhattan to attend New York University. I’m nervous. I’m anxious about moving out and taking on debt and such. But I’m excited, and I’ve never been excited for school before. Well, not since Kindergarten. Anxiously I awaited first grade. I couldn’t wait to have homework.