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Casual Gaming Is a Sustainable Business, Not a Platform Differentiator

Ben Thompson on his site, Stratechery:

Net: no one is buying (or not buying) an iPhone or Android device because of Candy Crush Saga, or any other casual game.

Agreed. Casual games are fleeting and now universal across mobile platforms. While Angry Birds started and grew successful on iOS, it’s become an empire by expanding onto every feasible platform. Today it’d be foolish for a casual game not to be on every platform at launch.

However, there are not yet any casual game platforms for the television set. This is a market ripe for the taking, and the first company to provide a viable platform is going to make a lot of money. The Apple TV is in prime position to take it.

Also from this piece:

Unfortunately, building a sustainable business on in-app purchases requires an infinitely available good. For example, in Candy Crush Saga, if you die five times on a level, you can’t try again for 30 minutes. Unless, of course, you’d like to buy 5 more lives for $0.99. Providing those five lives entails nothing more than resetting a counter.

Remember when casual games on iOS cost a little up front and provided endless casual enjoyment. I’m talking Doodle Jump, Flight Control, and the first two versions of Real Racing. I miss those days.