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The Old Reader to Go Private

The Old Reader, one of the first Google Reader alternatives to come to market, is going private:

Later this week, The Old Reader users will get a “distinct indication” whether their account will be migrated to the private site or not. Those who are left behind and unhappy about it are being asked to contact the administrators and plead their case. Everyone else has two weeks to export their OPML file (the link is located at the bottom of the Settings page).

That sounds wonderful. Who wouldn’t want to invest time in a free service that has no desire to expand or, yes, even to make money at all. The people behind The Old Reader must be delusional!

While Bulygina and Krasnoukhov insist they’re not interested in charging for the service or raising money from VCs, they are open to a third possibility: “If anyone is interested in acquiring The Old Reader and making it better, we are very open and accepting proposals at [redacted@redacted.redacted].”

Ah. There it is.