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In 20 Years, This Guy Will Still Be Nuts

Mark Wilson, a self-proclaimed idiot1, thinks that Apple’s “Designed in California” ad (you know, the one that focuses on people and Apple products enriching relationships?) is all about making us less social:

In what should be a warm, humanizing montage, people are constantly directing their attention away from one another and the real, panoramic world to soak in pixels. They’re choosing the experience of their products over the experience of other people several times in quick succession. And Apple has a warm voice in the background, goading us on.

This is a crazy world. Please tell me you see it, too.

Nope. It’s just you, buddy. This guy is a world class idiot. This is my favorite part (emphasis added):

Ironically, in Apple’s flag-planting ad about design, their marketing department (and at least a few execs) have shown how fundamentally little they understand about the field. Design is at its heart a service for humanity, it’s crafting solutions for people to live with more security, efficiency, or happiness. So the experience of a product will never be what matters to a great designer. It’s always been about the experience of a person using that product.

Yes. Yes, that’s Apple’s point.

  1. OK, OK I’m proclaiming it. ↩︎