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Civil Footnotes 1.3

Civil Footnotes 1.3 is out with only two minor fixes1. First, and I’d like to thank user Greg Sullivan for this, two PHP errors have been corrected. While neither error prevented the proper function of Civil, I’m all about code validation.

Second, I’ve made a decision regarding duplicate footnotes. As intended, Civil Footnotes was originally supposed to consolidate multiple footnotes if the notes were identical. That seemed logical, but unfortunately it was a challenge to get working (and in fact I never got it working). In 1.3, duplicate footnotes are created as multiple and separate footnotes. I think this is actually a better solution.

First, it is much simpler, so it shouldn’t result in any strange behavior or cause any bugs. Second, it makes more sense because each individual footnote can only link back to one reference number in the text. If identical notes are consolidated, the backlink can only point to one of the references in the text. Not the best from a usability standpoint.

This update is as always recommended for all users of Civil Footnotes, and can be downloaded directly from its project page or the WordPress plugin directory. Or if you’re smart, you’ll just update through the admin interface.

  1. It works fine in WordPress 3.6, and all previous versions of it do, too. ↩︎