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Scattered Thoughts on Apple’s October 22 Event

Most of my predictions came true, with a few good exceptions: the Retina iPad mini comes in 128 GB flavors and has the A7, Mavericks is free, and we did get new versions of iLife and iWork for OS X, also free.

There were disappointments as well. The lack of a gold color option will disappoint some, but I’d say Apple knows what they’re doing. While gold is pulled off on the relatively small iPhone 5S, it probably looked bad on the larger metal canvas of an iPad. The Apple TV wasn’t updated with an iOS 7-y interface, which only makes me think Apple has something bigger planned for television still later this fall.

As for my wildcard, the 12-inch iPad, it isn’t surprising that nothing came of that but it is interesting that the new full-size iPad is called “iPad Air”. Some might say that Apple just can’t figure out how to name iPads1 but maybe, just maybe this means an “iPad Pro” is coming before this cycle is done. Might that iPad Pro have a 12-inch screen? Who knows.

The event was relatively boring. Nothing that came out of it was particularly surprising, as has been the case with most Apple events over the past 2-3 years. The lone exception being WWDC earlier this year, which was the most exciting Apple event since the iPad unveiling in 2010. The presentors, as Marco Arment points out, even seemed a little bored with what they were demoing. No individual item announced Tuesday would have warrented an event all its own, but it was just convienent to announce them all at one time in one place. Apple’s been slowly moving to an all-fall announcement schedule, which makes financial sense but is still a bit dissapointing. I miss the iPad-in-the-spring, iPhone-in-the-summer, Macs-and-iPods-in-the-fall years.

Does Apple have anything left for 2013? I certainly hope so. The iWatch doesn’t seem likely, but the Apple TV is still in need of a refresh and an upgrade.

  1. iPad > iPad 2 > The new iPad > iPad (fourth-generation) > iPad Air. Yeah, I’d say those people are right. ↩︎