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Bitcoin Mining Bots

Juli Clover reporting for MacRumors on a new developer plugin that promises to turn free iOS apps into bitcoin mining bots for their developers:

According to Hill, Icoplay’s plugin is dynamically designed not to interfere with apps that it is built into, so much so that users will never “even notice the plugin is humming along in the background.”

Regardless of the solution you choose, our bitcoin miner will seamlessly integrate into your game with no interference, earning you cash in perfect harmony with your existing app monetization strategy. There’s no catch — it’s just awesome.

What Hill doesn’t mention, however, is that an app or game continually drawing power for a background process would certainly be a drain on system resources, quickly exhausting battery life.

“It’s just awesome.” And you thought IAP games were scummy.

Something tells me this won’t be allowed by Apple.