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Starbucks Reinvents the Coffee Cup

Margaret Rhodes for Fast Company:

“Even though today’s life forces most of us to be on the go, drinking tea is a traditional ritual,” says Daniele Monti, Creative Director for Emerging Brands at Starbucks. With that in mind, the Teavana cup was designed to evoke the feeling of drinking from porcelain china. That meant nixing the cardboard sleeves, which Monti calls a design “afterthought.” Instead, the cup has double-walled insulation that mimics the effect of a sleeve (and uses an estimated 50 percent more material than a cup-and-sleeve combo). Gone is the familiar, flat cardboard texture of the standard Starbucks cup, replaced by an embossed paper that has a feathery, foamy feel. “It’s a Zen moment, and the cup should reflect that,” Monti tells Co.Design.

I don’t like tea very much, but I live in New York and will definitely be visiting Teavana to see this cup. I’m a cool kid.