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Pebble Steel: Business Class

Nilay Patel for The Verge:

The new Pebble Steel changes that. For $249 you get virtually the same internals as the original Pebble inside a tighter, smaller metal case that comes with metal and leather bands. There’s also an all-new app for iOS and Android, and a new Pebble app store that makes customizing your watch easier than ever. The little company at the front of the wearable market is pushing forward with design and software while it still has the lead — but the big question is whether it can move fast enough to keep ahead.

Unfortunately, and Nilay neglects to mention this, it seems the answer to that question is no, Pebble can’t move fast enough to keep ahead. The Pebble Steel is a prettier-more-expensive version of last year’s Pebble; the internals are the same. That’s not moving forward.