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Moment of Zen

Your daily (or nearly daily) moment of zen. This page can take a very long time to load, but it is so worth it.

Baller: Spain has to give the trophy back now right?

Water = Lava: Hint: don’t step in the lava.

I’m a Dog: Silly dog, gas is for kids.

Oh Mitt…: Retirement hasn’t been well to him.

Catch: No thank you.

Scalp Massager: If you don’t have one, get one.

Peyton: I can’t tell what he’s saying.

Spinster: It’s an optical illusion, it isn’t actually moving, and I’m lying.

Connery: Devilishly handsome.

Swanson: Budget cuts!

Cat Sitter: Here’s the number where we’ll be, here’s where we keep the baby food, and you’re a cat.

Air Lucas: Like Air Jordans but for nerds.

Silly Rabbit: You’re supposed to go OVER the jump.

Cat Five: Now train it to fist-bump.

Cat-in-the-Box: ♫ Jack-in-the-box song ♫

Jenga Cat: Two of my favorite things are Jenga and cats.

Knowing: The better you are.

OH!: Don’t you see?

What a Shot: I’m a little unsure that was actually caught.

1HKO: Happy Thanksgiving!

Fuck/Panda: Fuck Pandas Acquire Baby Pandas

Pluf: O Tina, you so sassy.

Nundu: The NYU Nundu massacre Boston Massacre.

Thirsty Dog: Happy Veteran’s Day

Lego My Lego: Lego on, friend.

Meh, He’s Gone: Yep, he’s dead. Close the hatch.

Portal: It’s a long drop to hell.

Panda Slide: Watch the panda’s face when he flips off the slide.

Hmmm: Very interesting.

Sway: This is how I get people to respond to uncomfortable questions.

All Smiles: Smile on! Smile off!

Baby Names: Mesmerizing and informative at the same time.

Icy-Hot: First it’s icy to dull the pain, then it’s hot to relax it away!

Cone of Victory: This? This is mine now.

Little People Big World: Teeny people or enormous tablets?

Smiley: The cat took her tongue and licked off her makeup.

Slide to Unlock: Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide to unlock.

Todd Helton: The Rockies win the pennant.

Opengate: Live life like they left the gate open.

Battoad: Nunna nunna nunna nunna, nunna nunna nunna nunna.

Fox Your Thursday: Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Zoooooooom!: Explore strange new worlds.

Butterflies Eat Snake: Butterflies eating a fucking snake.

Such Laptop: Wow.

Applimorphs #1: I dare you to stop watching it.

Elastin Timberlake: Justin Timberlake has really long arms.