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I have a slight weakness for great advertising.

Apple Wins an Emmy

Remember ‘Misunderstood’, Apple’s great holiday ad from this past season? It won an Emmy1 for Most Outstanding Commercial.

  1. For those keeping track, Apple has and Emmy and a Grammy, and needs only the Oscar and Tony to complete the EGOT. ↩︎


New iPhone ad from Apple; the song is “Life of Dreams” by Julie Doiron.

Scott Forstall Returns

Gizmodo’s Mario Aguilar:

You thought you’d heard the last of Scott Forstall when he was ousted from his Cupertino corner office a little more than a year ago over the Apple Maps fiasco. But friend of Gizmodo Don Lehman just spotted Mr. Forstall’s rebirth, as unsuspecting model for a student charge card at City College in New York.

The best part is it’s the stock SVP photo from Scott’s days at Apple, ripped directly from the website.

What Will Your Verse Be?

An inspirational new iPad ad that makes me feel bad about myself in the best way. And also makes me want to watch Dead Poets Society again.

The New Glif

Studio Neat has a new Glif that’s adjustable. They made a video with Adam Lisagor and it is inspired by Wes Andersona and it is beautiful.

Amazing in Motion

This new Lexus ad features an army of drones in a close synchronized dance. All of them are actual drones captured on video.

“We Are a Team Bound by Blood”

Weeping now, thanks Lego.

Soda Wins Halloween

Everybody wants to be a hero.


Fantastic new ad for the iPad Air. Narrated by (a guess, but I feel pretty strongly that I’m right) Bryan Cranston.

The “Think Different” Ads

Linus Edwards compiled all of the Think Different print ads in a single blog post. I had no idea there were so many.


Samsung’s new ad for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch bears resemblance to the very first iPhone ad — “Hello”. I agree 100% with what Matthew Panzarino had to say about that:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Samsung taking inspiration from the ‘Hello’ spot. However—and this is an important note — Samsung is a company which has had a billion-dollar judgement against it for copying Apple’s work.

If I was a company which had gained a reputation for copying Apple’s work, the last thing I’d want is to have my advertising associated with anything they’d ever done.

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

This is the funniest website you’ll visit all week (thanks Tracy!).

Guinness Basketball Commercial

The best ads have seemingly little to do with the products.

Google Adds Ads to the Google Maps App

I defer to John Gruber for comment:

Finally, some good news for Apple Maps.

In 20 Years, This Guy Will Still Be Nuts

Mark Wilson, a self-proclaimed idiot1, thinks that Apple’s “Designed in California” ad (you know, the one that focuses on people and Apple products enriching relationships?) is all about making us less social:

In what should be a warm, humanizing montage, people are constantly directing their attention away from one another and the real, panoramic world to soak in pixels. They’re choosing the experience of their products over the experience of other people several times in quick succession. And Apple has a warm voice in the background, goading us on.

This is a crazy world. Please tell me you see it, too.

Nope. It’s just you, buddy. This guy is a world class idiot. This is my favorite part (emphasis added):

Ironically, in Apple’s flag-planting ad about design, their marketing department (and at least a few execs) have shown how fundamentally little they understand about the field. Design is at its heart a service for humanity, it’s crafting solutions for people to live with more security, efficiency, or happiness. So the experience of a product will never be what matters to a great designer. It’s always been about the experience of a person using that product.

Yes. Yes, that’s Apple’s point.

  1. OK, OK I’m proclaiming it. ↩︎

Apple’s New Ads Aren’t Compelling Viewers, Says Samsung

John Moltz did a little research into a report that Apple’s latest “Designed in California” ad wasn’t doing well with audiences.

‘Our Signature’

This is why so many of us love Apple. This is why I choose Apple. It’s not about profits. They don’t hurt, sure, but they’re more a confirmation of a path than they are a driver.

Apple is dedicated instead to people. Enhancing people’s lives. I honestly believe that is true.

Music Every Day

Apple’s second ad in the “every day” campaign. Just as good as the first. Somehow I forgot to link to this when it debuted.

Don’t Fight

“The Microsoft ad for Windows Phone is highly accurate. In a room full of people, there are only two Lumia owners.” —Stefan Constantine

“This new Nokia Lumia 920 ad is amazing.” —Stephen Hackett

“There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share.” —Steve Ballmer

There’s Good Apple Ads…

Then there’s great Apple ads.


Kyle Baxter, in response to Ken Segall’s idiotic piece that claims Samsung is beating Apple in advertising:

The ads aren’t bad—but they aren’t at all compelling, either. They’re just there, easy to ignore. Perhaps their intention is simply to remind people about the iPad. I don’t know.

I, for one, think the new iPad ads are great. But hold on.

The original iPad Mini ad was particularly excellent, but didn’t deviate at all from the show-the-product style Apple’s used extensively since releasing the iPhone in 2007.

So Apple’s ads are still great, but because they aren’t particularly different, Apple is failing?

[Segall] seems to think that Apple needs to respond in some way, which I’m not sure of. I don’t think Apple can win at that game, because responding—no matter how oblique—will be read as Apple being afraid of the underdog.

Apple is losing at advertising but they don’t need to fix it. Are we bored of Apple succeeding?

Alive and Together

Apple has two new iPad ads, and as usual they’re very well done.

(The link points to MacStories where you can view both of them. You can also view “Alive” and “Together” on YouTube.)

‘I’ll Be Home’

Apple is so very good at advertising.

Fantastic iPad mini Ad

I’ve been waiting since the keynote to share this with you, and Apple’s finally put it on YouTube.

Apple’s iPhone 5 Ads

Well I guess the laws of physics are more like… guidelines.

Different, but great and very well done.

Gene Simmons Never Had a Personal Computer When He Was a Kid

How do we know? We know because our own well-document research has shown conclusively that a child who lacks his own personal computer during those earliest school years will very probably grow up to be a bass player in a heavy-metal rock band who wears women’s fishnet pantyhose and sticks his tongue down to his kneecaps. Just like Gene Simmons.

And yet, I’d rather buy this than…

Marketing Bullshit

Ben Brooks, on the new “4G” indicator for AT&T 4Ss:

So what the hell, Apple? McCarty sees this as Apple caving to AT&T — and that may well be — but more worrisome is that this move is pretty hypocritical and deceitful.

To me, this is just as bad as an iPhone slathered in carrier logos. I can’t believe Apple did this.

Dell’s the Computer to Use if Taking Photos of Fat Guys Farting Is Your Thing

Naked fat guys farting. This is not a hoax.

(Is that a Dell Streak 5? Nope, that’s an iPhone.)

Apple’s iPhone TV Ads: The Complete Campaign

Adweek’s done a compilation of all 84 iPhone ads ever. So great.

Apple’s New Siri Ads

Lesson for Samsung: stop copying three-year-old iPhones and start copying Apple’s advertising. This is how it’s done.

And here’s the second ad released the other day: Rock God.

Further Criticism of Samsung’s Super Bowl Ad

Trevor Gilbert:

Anything from the Galaxy Nexus to the Galaxy Tab would have been appropriate, as they all compete directly against Apple’s offerings. Instead, Samsung chose the Galaxy Note, a product that even Samsung doesn’t even fully understand.

Sums it up nicely. To me, the ad feels like it was contrived as a joke by an Apple fan mocking Samsung. “Big” and “thing” seem like pretty accurate descriptors of the Note.

…Samsung continues to throw punch after punch against Apple customers, with Apple refusing to respond. At some point it stops being creative, and starts being insulting. That point was roughly three commercials ago.

I really don’t get is why Samsung is trying to switch iPhone users. I don’t foresee much success in that; iPhone users seem pretty content. Samsung’s efforts and advertising capital would be much better spent targeting the enormous and ripe market of first-time smartphone buyers.

Samsung’s Next “Big Thing”

The next big thing is here. Again. Coming soon.

I’ve watched that six times now, and I’m still not even sure what it is.