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“An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.”

Bigger Than Picasso

Corey S. Powell and Laurie Gwen Shapiro tell the story of the only extra-terrestrial art exhibit in the known world, “Fallen Astronaut” located on the Moon:

One crisp March morning in 1969, artist Paul van Hoeydonck was visiting his Manhattan gallery when he stumbled into the middle of a startling conversation. Louise Tolliver Deutschman, the gallery’s director, was making an energetic pitch to Dick Waddell, the owner. “Why don’t we put a sculpture of Paul’s on the moon,” she insisted. Before Waddell could reply, van Hoeydonck inserted himself into the exchange: “Are you completely nuts? How would we even do it?”

The Ohio State University Marching Band’s Hollywood Blockbuster Show

These guys are good. (Nothing beats the horse though.)

Fake Banksy

Rich McCormick for The Verge:

The sale was created by artists Dave Cicirelli and Lance Pilgrim. They copied Banksy’s own sale from a week earlier, setting up a stall in the same location, with the same signage, selling copies of Banksy’s works for the same price — $60 — as the original artist. The only difference: the stall was clearly marked as a fake. Salesman Michael Pilgrim posed for pictures with buyers holding a sign clearly marked “Fake Banksy,” and all purchases came with a Certificate of Inauthenticity.

We’re a weird bunch.

Bee Orchid

Every once in a while, Xkcd can bring tears.

The 97-Year Old Man Who Paints With 18-Year Old Windows 95’s Paint

Christopher Jobson:

Meet Hal Lasko, mostly known as Grandpa, a 97-year-old man who uses Microsoft Paint from Windows ’95 to create artwork that has been described as “a collision of pointillism and 8-Bit art.” Lasko, who is legally blind, served in WWII drafting directional and weather maps for bombing raids and later worked as a typographer (back when everything is done by hand) for clients such as General Tire, Goodyear and The Cleveland Browns before retiring in the 1970s. Decades after his retirement his family introduced him to Microsoft Paint and he never looked back.


And now, a sonnet.

Duke Franz went foul in year one nine one four:
Gavrilo Princip saw him striding by,
He pulled a gun and shot him dead, did mourn.
“No!” said the North, murderer meant to die,

And then it ensued: two times two-three, one:
Russia, Germany, the French, the U.K.,
The war to end others; one no one won.
It took the last, the woe’d U.S. of A.

At four times ten, Kaiser said enough: end.
In ten plus one, all around: Paris, France,
The world set it busy, a world to mend,
War is fin: the streets awake, all a-dance.

One evil dead, another born in med…
In two times ten, the man to be self-fed.

“We don’t make movies to make money. We make money to make more movies.”

— Walt Disney

The Origin of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

A 1939 British WWII propaganda poster that was never circulated, but showed up mysteriously in a second-hand book shop in 2000. Amazing.