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Blackberry has nothing to worry about, nothing at all.

BlackBerry Chief Calls iOS Outdated

Let me repeat that with emphasis:

BlackBerry chief calls iOS outdated.

What BlackBerry 10 Can’t Do

In thirty seconds, it’s easier to show you what BlackBerry 10 can’t do.

This is actually a pretty clever ad.

RIM CEO: “There Is Nothing Wrong With the Company”


Research In Motion Ltd Chief Executive Thorsten Heins said on Tuesday there is nothing wrong with the company as it exists now, denying the maker of BlackBerry smartphones is in a “death spiral”.

Are you kidding?

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Brings Native Email, Calendars

I know what you’re thinking, but as far as I can tell, that headline isn’t actually a joke.

Headline you won’t see: iOS 6 Brings Native Email, Calendars.

Porsche-Designed Blackberry

3.6 Liters, 500 BHP, 6-speed gearbox.

Wait, no, it’s just a $2,000 Blackberry.