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It’s a common occurrence in our industry for writers from other sites to come up with silly headlines.

The Best iOS 7 Headline to Date

From Gizmodo:

Apple Maps Are Getting Slightly Less Crappy in iOS 7

Tell it like it is, Giz.

Headline of the Day

The Verge:

BlackBerry PlayBook will not be upgraded to BlackBerry 10


Headline of the Century

Bla1ze (seriously), reporting for

Apple unveiled nothing in iOS 6 that really detracts from the positioning RIM is going for with BlackBerry 10


This Headline Brought Chuckles

On The Precursor Blog:

Google’s Top 35 Privacy Scandals

Do I even have to tell you what headline you wouldn’t see?

And This One

Moments Later, On MacRumors:

Next iPhone Coming Fall 2012 with LTE, 3.5-Inch Screen

There you go.

Check Out This Headline

Over on MacRumors:

Questionable Claims of a 4.6” Screen on Next iPhone, But 4” Screen Still Seems Very Possible

“Questionable”. That’s cute.

Headline of the Day

At Lifehacker:

Remains of the Day: Further Proof That iOS 6 (and a new iPad) Exist

I know we were all worried.

Another Headline You Won’t See

At The Verge:

Verizon’s impending Droid Bionic update adds VCAST Apps Store – still no ICS

Strangely missing:

Verizon’s impending iPhone 4 update adds VCAST Apps Store – still no iOS 5