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Literally is the most incorrectly used word in the English language. That and “good”.

For the Love of Literally

This article pains me to no end. Not your best work, Dick Wisdom.

A Taste of Literal Misuse

Richard Devine, for iMore, wrote a list of Doctor Who media available in Apple’s various stores, and ended with this juicy morsel:

So, that’s literally just a taste of the masses of content iTunes has to offer you if you’re a fan of the show.

No Rich, I can’t taste it.

“The game is interactive, violent, and you are literally shooting at people.”

— Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns1, on violent video games.


  1. Republican. ↩︎

Really, Actually, ‘Physics’

A TechCrunch headline:

This DIY Mini-Tardis Is Bigger On The Inside

No, it isn’t.

And the first line of the article:

If you’ve watched and enjoyed the program known as “The Good Doctor Who”…

Otherwise known as Doctor Who.

And a little later on:

…Greg Kumparak, has built a real Tardis police box which, using some digital trickery, is really bigger on the inside.


It’s a shame, because Greg Kumparak’s creation is—really, actually—very cool.

In Which I Introduce a New Segment on Defomicron Called ‘Literally?’; Where I’ll Call Out Technology Writers on Their Unnecessary Use of the Word ‘Literally’; Beginning with Casey Chan’s ‘Amazon Literally Makes No Money When You Buy a Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Fire HD’