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The greatest place on earth (sorry Disneyland).

What to Do If You’re Falling Out of Love With New York

Mary Phillips-Sandy:

Go to Chinatown, alone, preferably in the late afternoon. Walk around. Go into one of the shops that sells mysterious (to me) herbs and dried things. Buy some condiments or beef jerky or sweet buns for, what, $2. Listen to the grandmas hollering at their children and grandchildren, and the vegetable sellers. Listen to the teens swapping unknowable secrets, huddled around their phones. Wander over to the park and see if someone’s playing chess or mah-jongg. […]

Avoid the following: gourmet cupcake shoppes, Times Square unless you’re on a side street and there’s a light summer rain falling, Pilates classes, H&M, any place with bottle service, Port Authority, any place where you are likely to feel self-conscious about your outfit, high-end boutiques, people whose default mode of conversation is complaints about New York, people whose default mode of conversation is industry gossip or negativity about other people’s career paths or start-ups or book deals or record deals.

Alec Baldwin Leaving Public Life, Manhattan

Alec Baldwin:

Broadway has changed, by my lights. The TV networks, too. New York has changed. Even the U.S., which is so preposterously judgmental now. The heart, the arteries of the country are now clogged with hate. The fuel of American political life is hatred. Who would ever dream that Obama would deserve to be treated the way he has been? The birth-certificate bullshit, which is just Obama’s version of Swiftboating. And all for the electoral nullification that seems like a cancer on the American system. But this is Roger Ailes. And Fox. And Breitbart. And this is all about hate. It’s Hate Incorporated. But the liberals have taken the bait and run in the same direction—and it’s just as corrosive. MSNBC, in its own way, is as full of shit, as redundant and as superfluous, as Fox.

Is That a Luge in Times Square?

If New York City hosted the winter Olympics.

“Think You’re Being Funny, Do You?”

A little boy dressed up as Harry Potter and wandered around Penn Station asking strangers for directions to platform 9¾. This kid’s parents are wonderful people. (For other great parents, see “Dinovember”.)

NYU Takes Fourth in Northeast Regional Quidditch Championship

Slight break from the what I normally post about, but I’m ridiculously proud of my team. With a clutch and unpredicted victory against Boston Massacre, the NYU quidditch team took fourth place in the Northeast Regional Championship yesterday. We are the #1 team in New York City, #2 in New York state, and #4 in the northeastern United States.

One World Trade Center Ruled the Tallest Building in the US

Dante D’Orazio for The Verge (emphasis mine):

The decision makes the official height of the building 1,776 feet, not 1,368 feet, which is the height of the building’s roof. It also allows One World Trade to beat out Chicago’s Willis Tower as the tallest in the US. Willis Tower’s antenna does not count towards its official “architectural height”.

Because because. Hush.

The Largest Mass Grave Site in the U.S.

Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, writing for Gizmodo, on Hart Island:

Its most important role has been to serve as what’s known as a potter’s field, a common gravesite for the city’s unknown dead. Some 900,000 New Yorkers (or adopted New Yorkers) are buried here; hauntingly, the majority are interred by prisoners from Riker’s Island who earn 50 cents an hour digging gravesites and stacking simple wooden boxes in groups of 150 adults and 1,000 infants. These inmates—most of them very young, serving out short sentences—are responsible for building the only memorials on Hart Island: Handmade crosses made of twigs and small offerings of fruit and candy left behind when a grave is finished.

Inside the Accidental Dormitory That Is NYU’s Bobst Library

Mélanie Berliet:

But Felix and I aren’t flanking a breadbasket at a table for two. We’re on the lower level of NYU’s Elmer Holmes Bobst Library near Washington Square Park during the first week of fall term. For the last seven months, Felix has called this glorious, 12-story structure designed by Philip Johnson home, which is not to say that he’s a nerdy graduate student solely focused on scholarly pursuits, but that the 30-year-old, whose strong features and goateed look belie a gentle demeanor, has actually been living here.

I know what I’ll be doing next year…

Fake Banksy

Rich McCormick for The Verge:

The sale was created by artists Dave Cicirelli and Lance Pilgrim. They copied Banksy’s own sale from a week earlier, setting up a stall in the same location, with the same signage, selling copies of Banksy’s works for the same price — $60 — as the original artist. The only difference: the stall was clearly marked as a fake. Salesman Michael Pilgrim posed for pictures with buyers holding a sign clearly marked “Fake Banksy,” and all purchases came with a Certificate of Inauthenticity.

We’re a weird bunch.

Hand-Drawn Map of Greenwich Village, c. 1925

A personal hand-drawn map of Greenwich Village from a 1925 edition of Quill. I’m a sucker for hand-drawn maps.

A Hand-Drawn Map of Midtown Manhattan, from 1890

1st - 6th, 34th - 59th.