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The Apple of gaming?

‘Everything You’re Thinking About Nintendo is Wrong’

Chris Kohler for Wired:

Having been at least convinced that it would be too risky for Nintendo to jettison its hardware business entirely, many analysts and commentators are now staking out what they imagine to be a more moderate and sensible position: Nintendo should put some of its games on others’ platforms. This, too, is a logical fallacy, namely argumentum ad temperantiam: the idea if one is faced with two opposing arguments, the correct position must be somewhere in the middle. But suggesting that Nintendo “dip its toe” into mobile app stores is like suggesting that a couple pondering parenthood consider getting just a little bit pregnant.

That last sentence is just stupid. No, it isn’t. Nintendo releasing one or two of their games on iOS is like a couple thinking about children getting a puppy. In other words, not that crazy.

Chris’s argument reaches its stupidest point at the very end:

And if that doesn’t work, well, then maybe Nintendo will get out of hardware. Nothing lasts forever. But it’s likely that there will be many, many steps between now and then. Nintendo will have to give up something that it holds dear, if it wants to go on. But it doesn’t have to give up entirely.

So in conclusion, Nintendo will and should continue to make hardware because because and if the next try fails too well then maybe everyone was right all along.

I think the sanest suggestion anyone’s made to Nintendo was John Gruber, back in September:

Make two great games for iOS (iPhone-only if necessary, but universal iPhone/iPad if it works with the concept). Not ports of existing 3DS or Wii games, but two brand new games designed from the ground up with iOS’s touchscreen, accelerometer, (cameras?), and lack of D-pad/action buttons in mind. (“Mario Kart Touch” would be my suggestion; I’d buy that sight unseen.) Put the same amount of effort into these games that Nintendo does for their Wii and 3DS games. When they’re ready, promote the hell out of them. Steal Steve Jobs’s angle and position them not as in any way giving up on their own platforms but as some much-needed ice water for people in hell. Sell them for $14.99 or maybe even $19.99.

Nintendo in Motion

John Gruber on Nintendo:

A dedicated handheld gaming platform in today’s world needs to offer a gaming experience not just on par with but far exceeding what’s possible on smartphones. It’s much like the problem facing point-and-shoot camera makers — you’re asking people to carry a second device.