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Occasionally I like to predict what Apple is going to announce at their next special event.

WWDC 2014 Predictions/Wishlist

WWDC starts tomorrow. Like last year, there’s an overall sense of mystery going in. We expect OS X to get redesigned, but we don’t know how far Apple will go. Last year no one guessed iOS 7 would diverge so fully from the past. Likewise, this year the argument goes that because OS X has windowed, overlapping applications, a complete change will be ugly until every app is updated to the new look. Surely, a change as drastic as iOS 7 won’t fly. Thing is, I don’t think Jony cares. And don’t call me Shirley. Are Mr. Ive and Mr. Cook going to let third party developer resentment hold them back from their “ideal” Mac OS? Nope.

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park. Image courtesy of the National Park Service.

Let’s get down to predictions. Here’s what I expect to be announced tomororow:

Here are three things you might have heard rumored but I don’t expect to hear about tomorrow:

Finally, here are the things I’m crossing my fingers for (but aren’t likely):

That’s all I got. I think there will be more, maybe something new about the Beats acquisition, and hopefully new hardware, but I really don’t know. I don’t think anybody does, and that’s great. Last year’s WWDC was the most exciting Apple keynote since January 2010. I love not knowing.

For fun, I’ll be liveblogging the keynote this year. No, I won’t be in San Francisco but I’ll be on my couch in front of my Apple TV pretending I’m in San Francisco, and really that’s almost as good. That’ll go up tomorrow a few hours before the keynote starts, so if you’re around you can tune in.

  1. I kid, I kid. ↩︎

  2. How much of this is me wanting to avoid upgrade fever all summer? 50% at least. ↩︎

WWDC 2013

I haven’t been as excited for an Apple event as I am for tomorrow since January 26, 2010. There really haven’t been any leaks concerning tomorrow’s keynote, and that’s really awesome. It should be a surprise for all of us. At the end of it, we’ll either be really disappointed or really, really excited. I’m betting, hoping, whatever on the latter.

With my track record, you’d be forgiven for expecting a “Predictions Post”, but not this time. This time I’d like to talk about my modest hopes for the WWDC keynote tomorrow. The list that follows is ordered from top to bottom in increasing likeliness.

In all honesty, most of these will probably be wrong. What I’d love even more than every single one of my wishes coming true would be for Apple to unveil insanely great products I couldn’t even dream of.

  1. 11” MacBook Air with Retina display, anyone? ↩︎

‘A Little More’ Post-Predictions Post


Unfortunately it is $329 and called iPad mini. I don’t know where iTunes 11 was; the website still says October and we’ve yet to see even a developer build.

I Have ‘A Little More’ Predictions for You

Apple tomorrow will hold its first special event since all the way back in last month. Here’s what I expect them to release:


Post ‘It’s Almost Here’ Predictions Post

I didn’t guess so well this time. I was banking on Apple going iPhone/Macs in September and iPad mini/iPods in October, so I suppose I had those mixed. You can’t win them all.

Everything Apple announced today look great, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I’m also secretly hoping iTunes 11 is more than the visual overhaul they’ve shown us thus far. This is going to be a great holiday season for Apple.

  1. This remains to be seen. ↩︎

‘It’s Almost Here’

I did pretty well last time I tried on of these. Let’s see how I do this time:

And this time I’ve got two wildcards to get your mouth watering:

Post-Predictions Post



12/14 ain’t bad.

  1. Technically, the new iPad does use Siri, but I know everyone else will disagree. ↩︎

  2. I’m glad I was wrong. ↩︎

We Have Something You Really Have to See. And Touch.

My first-ever predictions post. Let’s go:


These come from “sources” “familiar” with the matter.