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Defomicron isn’t my entire internet presence, and I like to work on projects that can give just a little benefit to others.

Civil Footnotes 1.3

Civil Footnotes 1.3 is out with only two minor fixes1. First, and I’d like to thank user Greg Sullivan for this, two PHP errors have been corrected. While neither error prevented the proper function of Civil, I’m all about code validation.

Second, I’ve made a decision regarding duplicate footnotes. As intended, Civil Footnotes was originally supposed to consolidate multiple footnotes if the notes were identical. That seemed logical, but unfortunately it was a challenge to get working (and in fact I never got it working). In 1.3, duplicate footnotes are created as multiple and separate footnotes. I think this is actually a better solution.

First, it is much simpler, so it shouldn’t result in any strange behavior or cause any bugs. Second, it makes more sense because each individual footnote can only link back to one reference number in the text. If identical notes are consolidated, the backlink can only point to one of the references in the text. Not the best from a usability standpoint.

This update is as always recommended for all users of Civil Footnotes, and can be downloaded directly from its project page or the WordPress plugin directory. Or if you’re smart, you’ll just update through the admin interface.

  1. It works fine in WordPress 3.6, and all previous versions of it do, too. ↩︎

Civil Footnotes 1.2

The second update we all thought would never come is here. Civil Footnotes 2.1 is out, with support for the start attribute for the ordered list. Add <!--startnum=#--> replacing ‘#’ with a digit and your footnotes will start with that number. Careful observers will note this is exactly the same as WP-Footnotes. Hm.

This is handy for paginated posts, which I would never do but apparently at least one user of this plugin does, so there you go. This update is non-essential if you never plan on using this feature, though WordPress will probably get so annoying with its update notifications that you’ll give in anyway.

You can grab the update right here or on the project page. Or WordPress will ask you for me.

—Your Host

(For those of you wondering about the lack of updates on here, it’s for two reasons: one, not much is happening in our industry right now and two, I’ve got a lot of school stuff going on lately and for a couple weeks more. High school’s almost over but, alas, not over yet. Don’t worry, I have a sizable Instapaper queue and more great content is coming.)

Kind Plunder

Fed up with the gross advertising featured prominently on the galaxy’s most resilient torrent search engine, I wrote a plugin to hide them. I call it “Kind Plunder”, and you can learn a bit more and download it over in the Projects area. Or if you know what you’re doing, you can download it right here.

Happy plundering!
—Your Host

Civil Footnotes 1.1

The next (and probably final) release of Civil Footnotes is here. The changes are minimal, so I’ll just list them:

I’d recommend that all current users of Civil Footnotes upgrade to 1.1, if only for that last one. Version 1.0 will not generate valid HTML, and though modern browsers will fill in that missing </p>, if you’re like me not having perfectly valid HTML will bug the crap out of you.

You can download 1.1 at the WordPress Plugin Directory or using the direct link. If you have 1.0 installed, WordPress should prompt you to upgrade within the next couple hours, if it hasn’t already.

—Your Host

Civil Footnotes

Today I released my first WordPress plugin, Civil Footnotes. It is a modified version of Simon Elvery’s excellent WP-Footnotes. While I was busy changing the code of that plugin, I realized that others might like the changes I made. I cleaned up the code I changed, deleted a hundred or so unnecessary lines from Elvery’s plugin, and am releasing it today into the wild.

Among the changes I made to the plugin:

Everything else you’d like to know is located in the new projects section of the website. While I don’t see this plugin being widely-adopted, I am proud of my first foray into the plugin arena.

—Your Host