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I know how to write about sports like I know how to write about music.

Putt-Putt Perfection

David Jacoby:

On April 9, 2011, at a tournament in Richmond, Virginia, an IT manager named Rick Baird notched 18 straight hole-in-one shots to record a perfect putt-putt score. In more than 50 years of sanctioned competition, it was just the third time that anyone had achieved the feat.

Putt-putt is different from miniature golf. It’s played only on official courses; there are no pirate ships, no windmills, and no holes that cannot be conquered with one stroke — if you execute the perfect shot. On that day in 2011, Baird executed the perfect shot 18 times in a row.

Footage from the 1932 Winter Olympics

Ski jumping was more interesting when it looked like they might die.

Teeterboard Training

Teeter-totters aren’t just for kids.

Daniel Weil Redesigns the Chess Set

Angus Montgomery for Design Week:

Carrying through the Classical theme, Weil linked the eight major chess pieces to the eight columns of the façade of the Parthanon. He redrew the height of the pieces to reflect the pitch of the façade, so that the pieces before play would evoke the structure of a Classical building.

NYU Takes Fourth in Northeast Regional Quidditch Championship

Slight break from the what I normally post about, but I’m ridiculously proud of my team. With a clutch and unpredicted victory against Boston Massacre, the NYU quidditch team took fourth place in the Northeast Regional Championship yesterday. We are the #1 team in New York City, #2 in New York state, and #4 in the northeastern United States.

Riding Lawnmower Speed Records

Randall Munroe, from his latest What If?:

In 2010, Bobby Cleveland set a world record for the top speed in a riding lawnmower, hitting 96 mph. This record was set as part of a rivalry with the British lawnmower driver Don Wales.


Rockies Top Dodgers in Helton’s Finale

Beth Harris for ABC:

Jeff Francis came out of the bullpen to win his first start in more than three months, Michael Cuddyer won his first batting title, and Todd Helton singled in the final game of his career to help the Colorado Rockies beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 2-1 Sunday.

Todd Helton Retires

Todd Helton, first baseman for the past 17 years for the Colorado Rockies, will play his last major league baseball game this afternoon in Los Angeles. He has been a hero of mine ever since I was a kid, when my mom and I would go to a Rockies game every Wednesday night. It’s weird; he’s the first of my childhood heroes to stop doing what he does, and I’m happy for him. But it’s still an odd experience.

Congratulations, Todd. You’ve had a hell of a career.

Does Work for Food

Meet Ollie, the bat dog for the AA minor league baseball team, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. This is the best thing you’ll read all week.

(See also: Batdog.)


Christine Brennan:

Golf as we knew it took a big hit Saturday. A man who signed an incorrect scorecard yet still was allowed by Masters rules officials to keep playing is tied for seventh, four strokes from the lead after three rounds of the Masters. That man, of course, is Tiger Woods.

Tiger made an illegal drop. Not on purpose, by accident. And it wasn’t caught until hours later when a fan watching from home phoned it in. The Masters then assessed the situation and deemed Tiger deserved a two stroke penalty, after Tiger had signed his scorecard. Now many are calling for Tiger to withdraw, as players are supposed to be disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard.

Because Mr. Woods, being the incredibly athlete he is, is expected to be psychic; he should have known that the rules officials would give him a penalty hours after he was due to sign his card.

Nate Silver Picks the Super Bowl

Nate Silver for The New York Times:

The reasons that exceptional defenses fare so much better in the Super Bowl are still somewhat murky, but this factor bodes well for this year’s 49ers, whose defense belongs in the elite group, according to S.R.S. (it ranks 17th among Super Bowl teams). The Ravens, despite all the hype surrounding Ray Lewis, allowed a rather pedestrian 21.5 points per game this year. The 49ers also have the better offense, according to S.R.S., so there isn’t much to recommend the Ravens…

For context, this is the guy who predicted the 2012 Presidential Election accurately for all fifty states. Then again, he used both his own name and an exclamation point in the title of this piece.

UPDATE: Looks like his self-referentialism and bang-tendencies got the better of him.