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That one bloggy site.

Yahoo Buys Tumblr

Yahoo’s purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion. While many acquisitions lead to shutdowns, I think it is clear this one will not. Yahoo will facilitate Tumblr’s continued and now accelerated growth, and that’s great.

The One-Person Product

Marco Arment, on Tumblr:

David has an impeccable sense of what’s best for Tumblr, and he doesn’t need anyone else telling him what’s best for the product. Many people, myself included, have tried to convince him to go different directions, and we’ve been proven wrong every time.

The humblest piece Marco has ever written. A great read.

Tumblr for iOS Adds Instapaper Support

Odd that this took so long. I’ve been wishing for Instapaper support since I started using Tumblr for discovery a few weeks ago.