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That one chocolate drink company.

Yahoo Unveils Mobile Redesign of Mail, Search, and More

How long before Yahoo is the default search provider on iOS and OS X? Six months?

(Related: how long before Yahoo drops the ‘!’?)

Flickr and Vimeo Integration Likely in iOS 7

I don’t often link to rumors, but this one feels1 realistic. Vimeo and Flickr are already integrated into OS X and Apple TV. It actually seems odd they aren’t already sharing options on iOS.

  1. Feels, because I have zero inside knowledge. ↩︎

The New Flickr’s Free Terabyte

In what’s already an enormous week for Yahoo, they’ve now relaunched Flickr with 1TB of free storage for every user. That’s enough for 500,000 photos. That’s awesome.

Yahoo’s services keep getting better, at an accelerated pace. I’d like to see them fill the role Google previously held on the iPhone, as a services partner. As much as Apple would like to, they cannot provide all the internet services the iPhone needs. If they could partner with an internet-services company1 with no vested interest in any smartphone platform, well that might be a win-win.

  1. Notably, Yahoo powers ↩︎

Yahoo Buys Tumblr

Yahoo’s purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion. While many acquisitions lead to shutdowns, I think it is clear this one will not. Yahoo will facilitate Tumblr’s continued and now accelerated growth, and that’s great.